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Zephyr Technology Corp.

Zephyr Releases Gamechanger for Stress & Fitness Measurement

Annapolis, Maryland – Date: November 11, 2011 – Zephyr Technology announces the release of ZephyrLIFE, a fitness & stress measurement app for the Android platform www.ZephyrLIFE.com.

ZephyrLIFE leverages the technology developed for the military, first responder and sports markets; delivering an ultra simplistic way to measure and monitor your overall well-being. ZephyrLIFE provides a life score, which is a combination of your stress and fitness scores.
Your Zephyr scores range from 0 to 10; higher scores show higher fitness levels and lower stress levels. “This approach makes it easy for the everyday user to keep an eye on their health. More importantly, the individual’s data is stored in the HIPPA compliant ZephyrVault and can be reviewed over time and shared through the internet”, says Hari Damera, Zephyr’s Chief Architect for Web Infrastructure and Mobile Applications.

ZephyrLIFE uses Smartphones to collect & present bio-data, while also sending it to a secure web portal for review and sharing through built-in links to FaceBook and Twitter. “ZephyrLIFE is the first, commercially available product to measure your well-being while also allowing you to compete with colleagues, friends & family. Studies have shown that when individuals are cognizant that they are being measured they naturally modify their habits for the better. ZephyrLIFE changes the way individuals manage fitness & stress and the elements that effect health such as sleep, nutrition and exercise”, says Brian Russell, Zephyr’s CEO.

The technology behind ZephyrLIFE has been used by Dr. John Kennedy, Cardiologist and author (www.johnmkennedymd.com), to measure stress levels in daily life. “Zephyr’s presentation of heart rate data relative to activity level is only one of many valuable pieces of information Zephyr delivers. By measuring and understanding what increases your stress level; individuals will be able to minimize the effects of cardiovascular disease if they implement simple stress reduction techniques”, say Kennedy.

ZephyrLIFE is available for immediate delivery, with prices starting at $199. Buy now and get one year web access at no additional charge (a $99 value) www.ZephyrAnywhereStore.com. Follow Zephyr @ZephyrAnywhere or request additional information by emailing ZephyrLIFE@ZephyrAnywhere.com

About Zephyr Technology.
Zephyr Technology, www.ZephyrAnywhere.com, is a global leader in real-time physiological and biomechanical monitoring or "Physiological Status Monitoring" (PSM) solutions for Connected Health, Fitness and the Academic Research markets. Zephyr Technology leverages a world class team of engineers, scientists, physiologists and business experts.

Founded in 2003, Zephyr Technology has been a pioneer in the use of PSM in training and high stress operational environments. The company's ongoing collaboration with fire departments, NASA Ames Research Center, National Guard Civil Support Teams, and multiple US Special Forces has been invaluable in the development and validation of Zephyr's technology and its application in the most extreme operating environments to Measure Life. . . Anywhere!

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Asher Gendelman
Zephyr Technology
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