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ZONARE Showcases Growing Family of Ultrasound Systems

ZONARE's ZS3 New Premium Ultrasound System

The newest member of the family, the ZS3 premium ultrasound system, offers completely focused image quality throughout the entire field of view.

„The exquisite grey scale and color Doppler imaging, along with enhanced penetration, are enabled by two-way dynamic transmit and receive focus,“ said Glen McLaughlin, PhD, founder and chief technical officer, ZONARE. „For the first time, there is a completely focused image from the first to the last millimeter, enabling significantly improved penetration such as in the abdomen.
This is done on a point-by-point basis, resulting in improved detail and contrast resolution, as well as image uniformity.”

The ZS3 uses ZONARE’s Living Technology which delivers ultrasound imaging excellence based on a dynamic and open architecture that allows continual platform evolvement to meet the changing needs of clinicians. ZONE Sonography technology (ZST) is fundamentally different than standard beamformer systems. It is an innovative approach to echo data acquisition and image formation. Using an optimum number of „zones“, ZST acquires ultrasound data up to ten times faster than conventional systems and implements the full reality of data acquisition and management in software rather than hardware.

„The ZS3 offers superb high frequency imaging in the abdomen with enormous penetration“, said Joerg A. Boenhof, MD, Medical Imaging Techniques at the Deutsche Klinik für Diagnostik, Wiesbaden, Germany. „This makes structures visible which I have never seen before. For example, I can now visualize normal amounts of fluid around organs such as the liver, spleen and bowel even with the most challenging of patients.“

ZST enables the retention of all the channel domain data. This makes patient-specific imaging possible by tailoring the image parameters to the patient. It allows for retrospective imaging by capturing all the transducer element data which can be reprocessed multiple times in many ways to optimize the image.

„The ability to basically provide the clinician with a virtual patient offers numerous retrospective imaging capabilities for both routine and contrast enhanced ultrasound,“ said McLaughlin. „Coupled with temporally accurate representation of underlying anatomy which is achieved through optimum data acquisition, the technology (ZST) removes some of the fundamental bottlenecks of traditional beamformer systems.“

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ZONARE is solely dedicated to ultrasound excellence through its innovative, software-based, next generation technology which provided the platform for the company’s Living Technology designed to meet its customers evolving imaging needs. The patented design and architecture of the Z.ONE and ZS3 platforms delivers high-end image quality and clinical versatility at unparalleled value.
ZONARE’s exclusive, next generation ultrasound focus resulted in Frost & Sullivan awarding the 2011 North American Technology Innovation Award in Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Technology to ZONARE.

For more information, visit: www.zonare.com.

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