Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH

ZMS - Mobile Modular Hospitals

On MEDICA this year, ZMS will present as a world novelty the ZEPPELIN Mother-Child Clinic. This clinic covers all medical requirements for a comprehensive care of mother and child: examination, ultrasound, operating theatre and obstetrics.

Stand no. FG05-04 and FG05-06 in the outdoor area in front of hall no. 5.

The ZEPPELIN Mobile Modular Hospitals, the innovative and forward-looking medical diagnosis and treatment units are based on the special ZEPPELIN Modular Shelter. The shelter offers the working environment of a stationary hospital. ZEPPELIN Modular Shelter can be fitted with any type of medical equipment, as available in stationary hospitals. The equipment is specifically tailored to meet the high demands of modern medicine. ZEPPELIN Mobile Modular Hospitals are deployable, wherever primary medical care is needed. The units are delivered turnkey and ready for use in a very short time.


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