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ZETTLER® Solutions Enable People and Objects to be Identified and Located Reliably

Ever since the introduction of case management in hospitals and nursing homes, increasing importance has been given to coordinating all of the procedures in patient handling, as well as to delivering optimised care; delivering a completely integrated solution that benefits patients.

In this context, being aware of the presence of employees in patient's rooms and in duty rooms is becoming increasingly vital. The ZETTLER® identification system from TOTAL WALTHER GmbH is used to organise nursing care efficiently: Patients can be assigned to nurses or teams with better results, and the necessary care can be coordinated effectively. This involves nursing staff having to wear a personal, active transponder which is detected within predefined areas of the clinic via installed receivers. When an employee is present, he or she is detected and located automatically via a radio frequency identification (RFID) receiver or RF/IR receiver. Depending on the authorisations in the system, the staff can access the relevant information on the operator terminals and transmit data to higher-level systems thanks to integration into the ZETTLER® nursecall and communication system.

The ZETTLER® identification system also offers a distinct benefit when it comes to the personal protection of patients. Mobile patients who are equipped with appropriate transponders can be located and identified in any place where receivers are installed (such as in corridors or in treatment rooms). In the event of an emergency, or if disorientated people go missing, nursing staff can ascertain their whereabouts immediately through the system and help can be administered quickly, saving valuable time. In addition, access authorisations can also be regulated via the transponders, and disorientated people can be detected as they leave certain protected areas.

The radio-based ZETTLER® baby-protection system from TOTAL WALTHER can also be used to protect newborn infants. The system comprises a radio armband with an RFID chip, an antenna system and reader unit. Mothers and nursing staff are given activated transponders in the form of individually encoded, electronic arm bands, similar to wristwatches, while the infants wear identically encoded chips in the form of a lightweight, anti-allergic arm or foot band. This is a reliable system of checking the whereabouts of the individuals in question. The moment the baby chip leaves the defined area of protection without authorisation, optical and acoustic alarms are emitted directly at the place of exit.

In addition, the ZETTLER® identification system can help to organise hospital procedures. A key advantage is its ability to automatically detect equipment which can be located at any time with a transponder. It improves daily processes and inventory procedures, and logistics processes can be organised more effectively.

The identification data can be fed into higher-level software systems or into the hospital information system (KIS), for example. The data and messages are date-stamped and saved in an SQL database. Consequently, the hospital staff can retrieve the relevant information, if required, and evaluate it for their organisation and department, for example within the scope of nursing documentation or facilities management.

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