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Yuwell merger & acquisition of Wandong medical

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The Shanghai stock exchange issued a statement on March 31th, 2015, yuwell-Jiangsu yuyue medical equipment & supply co., ltd. complete the purchase of WDM-China Resources Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., yuwell owns the 51.51% stake, which made yuwell be the main shareholder.
One month before this case, yuwell has just merged 100% stake of Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group) Co., Ltd. Both of the two companies are famous government-owned company. Now yuwell becomes the largest homecare medical equipment listed company, and the second largest company among the medical equipment industry in China. What’s more, it’s the first case of private company merger government-owned company.
Wandong Medical, located in Beijing, is the subsidiary of China Resources Group and established 70 years ago. Wandong owns the largest share in Medical imaging industry of China. On the other hand, Shanghai Medical Instruments is leader of surgical instruments industry; it has more than 60 years history.
Now yuwell group owns 7 platforms in 6 cities.
1. Danyang city, Jiangsu yuyue medical equipment & supply co., ltd. ---- The electrimedical equipment manufacturing center.
2. Nanjing city, Jiangsu yuyue technology development co., ltd. ---- The sales center and electrimedical equipment R & D center.
3. Suzhou city, Suzhou yuyue medical technology co., ltd. ---- The medical disposable pruducts manufacturing and R & D center;
4. Suzhou city, Hwato- Suzhou medical appliance factory. --- Acupuncture instruments and health-care products center.
5. Beijing city, Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. ---- Medical Imaging equipment center and hospital equipment center.
6. Shanghai city, Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group) Co., Ltd. --- Medical surgical instruments & orthopedics center.
7. Yancheng city, Yancheng Diling Medical thermometer Co., Ltd. ---Medical thermometer manufacturing center.
Now yuwell is becoming a larger and larger medical equipment empire, now its subsidiary brands contain Wandong, Hwato, Jinzhong, Zhongya, Shangwei, Tianping except for yuwell. Also yuwell invested the “Cloudoc” with Ali health recently, which aims to create an online medical platform.