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Young Physicians with Good Chances

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Good views for prospective doctors;
team player particularly are asked ;

In Germany, change is happening. The number of physicians is on the rise again according to a research conducted by the German Medical Association. In 2007, 314,912 physicians were practising, 3,682 more than in the previous year. Especially the demand for specialists has never been as big as today. Responsible for the increased demand are those clinics which advertise three times more job offers than ten years before and this in most diverse fields, resumes the magazine “Deutsches Ärzteblatt”.

Dr. Wolfgang Martin, job market expert, sees the reasons for the booming offers in the clinics themselves. "Here the demand increases by the expanding service portfolio and the advancing specialisations. Moreover, today more jobs are advertised where in earlier times positions were filled internally or through informal contacts.”

Freedom of occupational choice entails new chances

However, specialists are not only in great demand, today they also have more freedom of occupational choice than the physician’s generations before them. New occupational fields have been added which extend the classical spectrum between the activity in a private practise and the classical clinic activity. „Thus also changes the medical occupational image. In earlier times a doctor was a lone fighter, nowadays team player are demanded“, explains Dr. Thomas Haug, medical manager in the Saint Franziskus-Hospital in Ahlen, Germany. Teamwork is required for example in the interdisciplinary centres of bigger hospitals, medical care centres and new cooperation forms at doctor’s offices.

Experts value the initial position for the moving up young doctors absolutely positively. Nevertheless, Martin advises to inform exactly about different capabilities and chances: „Only the one who is informed about the trends and developments on the medical job market is at last able to make the right occupational decision. This is valid for the choice of further education as well as for later medical activity.“

Information facilities at MEDICA 2008

At MEDICA 2008 the CareerForum of the Deutsche Ärzteblatt deals with the subject job and career planning. From Wednesday till Saturday questions are discussed like: job perspectives in different subject fields; which economic additional qualifications does a clinic physician need? And: Are there any alternatives concerning clinic and office? Moreover, the forum informs about trends and developments in the health field.

The lectures are held from Wednesday, 19th till Saturday, 22th November in hall 7.0, booth C02.

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