Yes, we can! Yes, I can! – World Cancer Day, 02/04/2017


At, we have already commemorated World Cancer Day quite often. But why? Because cancer is an omnipresent topic. Most certainly, sooner or later, directly or indirectly, each and every one of us will get in touch with it – when we develop cancer ourselves or a person close to us does.

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"We can. I can" means that there are things all of us can do against cancer - both individually and as a group; ©

"Since cancer knows no boundaries, and individual countries cannot address the challenges of cancer in isolation, a new cooperative approach to research, advocacy, prevention and treatment must be established." This is written in article 10 of the Paris Charta that has been passed at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium at 4 February, 2000. World Cancer Day has been commemorated annually ever since at this day to bring the joint fight against cancer to mind.

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) builds on this quote with the World Cancer Day campaign 2016-2018: cancer can have many different causes. The current campaign’s motto "We can. I can." takes up this thought and wants to show what everybody can do against the global cancer burden, either as an individual ("IE) or as a collective ("we").

Learn more about this topic at the official campaign homepage Here you can find background information like the campaign report 2016 and a webinar that explains the campaign. There is also a world map where individuals, groups and organizations can enter and promote their activities around World Cancer Day. Personal stories of people who write about their own cancer diseases round out the page.

If this is not enough for you, yet, you can get active in the different Social Media channels and bring even more life to the official hashtags #worldcancerday and #wecanican.

Last but not least, would not be if we did not present you a small panoramic view through our editorial topics regarding cancer, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Enjoy reading and watching! And do not forget about 4 February!
You can find more information about World Cancer Day at the official campaign homepage:


Cryotherapy - Destroying cancer with ice

Killing tumors with up to minus 180 degrees – this is possible with the cryotherapy. Needle-guided gases freeze cells so that they die. Dr. Gebhard Schmid has brought the method from France to the Johanna-Etienne hospital in Neuss. It serves as a supplement to chemotherapy and radiation therapy as well as to surgery.


Individually adapted radiotherapy

A radiation therapy which targets tumors in the head or neck area often requires extensive planning. In addition, the irradiated area can change during treatment, for example when a patient looses a lot of weight. A new software, developed at Fraunhofer Institute MEVIS in Bremen/Germany, could help physicians to work more efficiently and save a lot of time in the future.