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Xenografts, a valid bone substitute for everyday surgery

Osteoblastic activity surroundinf Tecnoss Bone Matrix
Bone replacement biomaterials are a highly competitive alternative to autografts and allografts decreasing morbidity significantly.
Xenogenic biomaterials are needed to replace lost hard tissue while offering a stable, osteoconductive scaffold and preferably, convenient degradation times. Furthermore, surgeons demand predictability, time‐saving handling and attractive economic ratios. Most importantly, biomaterials should be safe, of premium quality and with a proven track record of clinical performance.
Tecnoss® xenogenic biomaterials not only fulfil these requirements, furthermore they offer over ten years of solid clinical/scientific documentation in various indications.
Due to their convincing clinical success, the simple handling and the excellent services provided by the company, Tecnoss® has become the preferred partner of many successful clinicians in dental‐, oral‐ and cranio‐maxillofacial surgery.
Tecnoss® is pleased to announce the introduction of the Medical Line for the orthopaedic and neurosurgery.