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World premiere: Miele presents large steam sterilisers at MEDICA

Europe's leading manufacturer of washer-disinfectors is now set to present itself as single-source CSSD supplier: At MEDICA 2010, Miele is to unveil large steam sterilisers, due to hit the market from summer 2011 onwards. The range comprises four series from which numerous customer-specific versions can be derived. This portfolio allows Miele's advisory team to meet the individual needs of hospitals with spot-on accuracy. "With this range of large steam sterilisers, Miele is offering CSSDs a comprehensive product line-up – all demonstrating the quality typical of Miele and backed up with the full support of Miele's in-house service experts", says Andreas Barduna, Head of Miele Professional, Miele's commercial products division.

The new large steam sterilisers allow the reprocessing of 4 to 18 sterile supply units (STUs) per cycle. Customers can choose between vertical or horizontal sliding doors or even a flush-floor version for transport trolleys. Horizontal sliding doors can open optionally to the left or right and must be ordered accordingly.

All machines are simple to operate thanks to touch-screen technology, displaying individual cycles, programme stages, cycle durations and countdown times. This user-friendly interface in part requires a personal code to be input by the staff member responsible. Access rights ensure a high degree of operational safety and integrity. Each load is recorded via the controls and records can be downloaded to batch documentation software via an interface for processing and archiving.

Short heat-up times ensure that all sterilisers are ready for operation in next to no time. Good, uniform heat distribution within the steriliser chamber is ensured by full-area jacket heating and highly precise controls. This results in excellent temperature distribution throughout the chamber as well as relatively low levels of condensate and therefore optimum drying of loads. This, in turn, leads to short cycle times and low consumption. Miele’s innovative concept is rounded off by a comprehensive battery of safety devices which for instance monitor the entire door area during door closure.

As a full-line supplier, Miele will in future cover all CSSD requirements, including after-sales servicing: From ultra-modern large-chamber washer-disinfectors to sterilisers and batch documentation software through to maintenance and validation by Miele's in-house team of specially trained medical product engineers. With System4Med, the Miele team is well equipped to field any questions surrounding the reprocessing of medical instruments.