World Tuberculosis Day - 03/24/2014 -- MEDICA Trade Fair

World Tuberculosis Day - 03/24/2014

Photo: World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis Day annually takes place March 24th. At this day in the year 1882, Robert Koch announced the discovery of the responsible pathogen; © Marek

„Find. Treat. Cure.“ – This sounds simple, but describes the possible solution for a global healthcare burden: tuberculosis. It is intended to defeat the disease until 2050. This is especially difficult in South-East Asia and Africa, because the healthcare systems there “miss” a lot of the patients. The campaign “Find. Treat. Cure.” aims to raise awareness for them.

“Missed” patients have either no access to treatment at all, they are not diagnosed with tuberculosis or they only receive incomplete treatment and the disease breaks out again. The WHO estimates that nine million people are newly infected by tuberculosis each year. Around three million of them are “missed”. They spread the disease further without treatment. Half of them die in the end.

The WHO-campaign “Stop TB” shows solutions to not leave patients behind anymore. On the one hand, it is necessary for governments and partners worldwide to join the effort against tuberculosis, because patients are also “missed” in countries with well-established healthcare systems. On the other hand, financial gaps of nearly 3.5 billion dollars need to be closed in research and development and interventional costs.

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