World Multiple Sclerosis Day - 05/28/2014 -- MEDICA Trade Fair

World Multiple Sclerosis Day - 05/28/2014

Photo: Multiple Sclerosis Ribbon laid over a face

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“One day …” with these words a lot of wishes start that were voiced by people with MS. They are collected at the website of World MS Day 2014.

Together, these wishes and the people who put them into words are to represent not only the hope for an easier life with MS. At World MS Day (May 28th), people with MS want to raise understanding for themselves and the limitations their disease causes.

The Multiple Sclerosis Federation International is behind the global campaign. The campaign website collects not only all the wishes from the international MS patients. There is also a blog and some information on the disease itself.

Researchers are still looking for a cure to heal the estimated 2.3 million patients worldwide. Until now it is only possible to treat the disease’s symptoms with drugs, part of which have dramatic side effects. At we collected current news about the disease on occasion of World MS Day 2014. Research could maybe help a wish come true that has been made: “One day, I would like to say to my family, ‘Remember when there was no cure for MS?’.”


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