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World Malaria Day - 04/25/2014

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About 219 million people around the world suffer from malaria; nearly one million of them die from it annually. Almost 90 percent of the victims are children under 5 years of age. For this reason, each year at April 25th the progress in the fight against malaria is highlighted.

Malaria was already a topic at World Health Day that annually marks the founding of the World Health Organization (April 7th): this day highlighted the vector-borne diseases that are transmitted to humans through blood-sucking insects. The anopheles mosquito is the one that passes the plasmodium parasite to humans and causes malaria.

Nowadays, the disease is a burden to tropical countries above all. Anopheles mosquitoes are scarcely brought into temperate zones by international air traffic. They then cause so-called “airport malaria” in a small area. In the future they still could spread further all by themselves beyond the tropics due to global warming. The fight against Malaria thus continues.

From 2013 to 2015 the motto “Invest in the Future: Defeat Malaria” calls attention to the realization of the UN’s 2015 Milennium Development Goals: One of them is the reduction of child mortality, another one is to stop or reverse the spreading of malaria. You can find more information on World Malaria Day at the official campaign page.

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