World Kidney Day - 03/13/2014 -- MEDICA Trade Fair

World Kidney Day 03/13/2014

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Up to 1 800 liters – this much blood flows through both human kidneys each day. As long as the organs are healthy, they filter metabolic end-products and toxic substances from the blood and control the body’s water balance. They also regulate the blood pressure this way.

Different medical conditions can reduce the kidneys’ efficiency acutely or chronically. Increasing age also makes the kidneys function less effectively. It is thus extremely important to keep your kidneys healthy while you age to maintain the organs’ performance during your lifetime and to avoid dialysis or the need for a transplant. World Kidney Day 2014 focuses on the topic Chronic Kidney Disease and Aging.

Research regularly yields new bits of knowledge to heal kidney diseases, make a better life possible for patients and to prevent damage to these high-performance organs. Read more about this at


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