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World Hepatitis Day - 07/28/2014

Graphic: Face of a young woman

'Think again' - World Hepatitis Day demands more awareness in dealing with hepatitis; © World Health Alliance

Look twice first and then act! This year’s World Hepatitis Day takes place under the motto “Think again.” Therefore the World Hepatitis Alliance and the World Health Organization made a special request. They invited everyone to join the day on the internet. On the website World Hepatitis Day everyone is asked to interpret the slogan in an artistic way with photos, graphics and paintings and to exhibit them online. Images transport knowledge and emotions, no matter which language is spoken: “There are images at which you have to look twice.” This attitude also applies to hepatitis.

What is hepatitis? Which consequences can an infection have? Where can I get infected at all? The World Hepatitis Day offers answers to these and other questions on 07/28/2014.

Every year about 1, 4 million people all over the world die because of hepatitis. It is an inflammation of the liver which is caused by different viruses. It can occur acutely with heavy pain but also chronically as a ‘silent’ illness which is not noticed. Often hepatitis is ignored and risks are neglected.

Recently in April this year, the WHO issued new recommendation on treatment of hepatitis C. In May, the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of viral hepatitis.

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