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World Cancer Day (February 4th): "Not beyond us"

Graphic: Official logo of World Cancer Day

We already know many solutions in the fight against cancer - we just need to use them. This is why the motto of World Cancer Day 2015 is "Not beyond us"; ©Union for International Cancer Control

"Not beyond us" - this is the motto of World Cancer Day 2015. It means that the knowledge we have collected about cancer already contains a lot of solutions that we can and should use in the battle against the deadly disease.

The call addresses the areas of prevention, early detection, treatment and care. It expresses the hope to mitigate the global cancer burden or to even come to grips with it. Individuals, society and politics are able to do a lot to achieve a change for the better by using the information about cancer we already have.

The 2015 campaign is built around these four aspects:

  • Choosing healthy lives.

  • Delivering early detection.

  • Achieving treatment for all.

  • Maximizing quality of life.

You can find these information and more on the official campaign homepage.

While the body of our cancer knowledge already is quite big, there is still a lot more to learn and to discover. Cancer research is almost constantly finding out new things. Read more about current research and politics around and about cancer in our articles at