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World Cancer Day 02/04/2014

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If it can’t get any better, you should stop – says a proverb. Yet, there are counterexamples. A successful health awareness campaign needs to be continued unconditionally, for example, even if many people already noticed it. World Cancer Day, taking place annually at February 4th, is one of these campaigns.

World Cancer Day 2014 continues the campaign’s streak from 2013 and sets out to debunk popular myths about cancer. They are contrary to well-founded public knowledge about the disease. World Cancer Day 2014 deals with these myths:

  • We don’t need to talk about cancer.

  • There are no signs or symptoms of cancer.

  • There is nothing I can do about cancer.

  • I don’t have the right to cancer care.

You can read the truth behind these myths at the official World Cancer Day homepage. There are also news, events and resources related to the topic. The World Cancer Declaration is worth reading, too. The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) set up nine objectives concerning cancer that should be fulfilled until 2025 in this document.

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