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World’s first peracetic acid generating wipe

Two doctors have given up their lucrative medical careers to try and save lives by fighting deadly viruses and bacteria. GAMA Healthcare is a company founded by two medical doctors* - Dr Guy Braverman (MB BS BSc) and Dr Allen Hanouka (MB BS BSc MRCOphth) - with a mission to reduce infection and the spread of disease by creating innovative antimicrobial products.
GAMA’s latest product, which was developed over the last 4 years, is the world’s first peracetic acid generating wipe and is designed to kill all known micro-organisms. The wipe, Clinell Sporicidal, contains patent pending technology and has been specifically designed to deal with spore forming bacteria. It has just been launched in the UK and will be showcased in November at the MEDICA Exhibition in Germany, in hall 6 stand 6K61.
Peracetic acid has long been known to be one of the safest and most effective germ killers, but it has been notoriously difficult to keep it in a stable form. Clinell Sporicidal wipes contain a safe, stable patent pending peracetic acid generator, allowing peracetic acid to be delivered in a quick, safe and easy to use system.%
Clinell Sporicidal comes in packs of 25 dry wipes. In the pack it is completely stable and inactive, by the simple addition of water under the tap, peracetic acid is generated to levels proven to kill all known micro-organisms, offering effective sterilization, delivering a 6-8 log kill count in short contact times. The wipes can also be used directly on blood and body fluid spills – as the blood or body fluid itself activates the peracetic acid generator.
Lately spore forming bacteria such as Clostridium difficile have been causing major problems in hospitals throughout the world. It is very difficult to kill spores effectively and most hospitals or healthcare institutions have to resort to using dangerous, carcinogenic chlorine and glutaraldehyde based compounds. Clinell Sporicidal is the world's first environmentally friendly sporicidal product offering the following clinical advantages:
• Contains detergents to clean and an inorganic peroxygen generator to sterilise and disinfect.
• Kills all pathogenic microorganisms including spores of Clostridium difficile.
• Quick and easy to use - no measuring or dilutions needed, unlike chlorine based products.
• Environmentally friendly - breaks down into harmless by-products of vinegar, carbon dioxide and water and poses no risk to the user, the patient or the environment. No persistent toxic or carcinogenic residuals unlike chlorine and glutaraldehyde based compounds.
• No toxic fumes. Can be used next to patients unlike chlorine and glutaraldehyde based compounds.
• Works in highly soiled conditions - unlike chlorine and glutaraldehyde based products.
• Delivers peracetic acid on demand to the site of need.
• Non selective action. Does not give rise to resistance.
• Contains no alcohol or organic solvents.
Experts say that while there are many disinfectant products on the market, nothing other than chlorine or glutaraldehyde based products can be used to kill spores. Therefore Clinell Sporicidal is the only product to offer a real alternative to the laborious and hazardous methods currently used to kill spores in hospitals across the world.
Clinell Sporicidal was tested at The Hospital Infection Research Laboratory in City Hospital NHS Trust**, Birmingham which is the leading laboratory in the UK for microbiology testing. The laboratory showed that Clinell Sporicidal kills all known germs offering effective surface sterilization. Spores were shown to be killed to a greater than log 6 kill within 1 minute.
Dr Guy Braverman, managing director of GAMA and creator of Clinell Sporicidal, said “we were fully aware of the difficulties hospitals and healthcare professionals face when having to deal with this life threatening germ. GAMA spent 4 years developing Clinell Sporicidal technology and it constitutes a major advancement in the fight against Clostridium difficile. This should make it easier to kill Clostridium difficile whilst ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals and patients, as well as the environment. Clinell Sporicidal will also save thousands of lives which was our primary aim in creating this product. GAMA Healthcare strongly believes that this wipe will have a major impact in reducing transmission of clostridium difficile.”
* The two doctors, Dr Guy Braverman (MB BS BSc) and Dr Allen Hanouka (MB BS BSc MRCOphth) met and studied at The Royal Free Hospital, London, UK.
** Full documentation is available upon request.
% Directions for use:
Hard Surfaces
1) Wear gloves.
2) Remove wipe from packaging.
3) To activate, wet the wipe with water under a tap. Do not soak.
4) Squeeze wipe to remove excess water.
5) Wipe surfaces requiring disinfection.
6) Dispose of wipe in clinical waste bag.

Blood and Body Fluid Spills
1) Wear gloves.
2) Remove wipe from packaging.
3) Absorb spill directly onto wipe to activate disinfectant.
4) Completely wipe up spill and absorb onto wipe.
5) Clean disinfected surface with second wipe.
6) Dispose of wipes in clinical waste bag.

For further information on Clinell Sporicidal please contact:
Dr Allen Hanouka
GAMA Healthcare Ltd
Telephone: 0845 2011 644