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With the NHS spending £15million as a result of patient falls the DEPRIMO FLOOR LEVEL BED has been developed to reduce the risk of injury to patients

Benmor Medical, the leading bariatric equipment specialists that provide high quality equipment and services to the NHS and the community, are expanding their range of beds to support the growing problem of falls in hospitals.

After intense research and using their vast knowledge as equipment specialists, Benmor Medical are supporting falls prevention by developing a bed to reduce the risk of vulnerable patients injuring themselves by falling out of bed.

Falls in hospitals are costing the NHS approximately £15 million per year with 208,000 falls reported in acute hospitals and over 36,000 reported from mental health units. This increases the average hospital stay for patients to 12.3 days longer.

Introducing the DEPRIMO FLOOR LEVEL BED with a 12cm (4.7”) ultra low height it significantly reduces the risk of injury to vulnerable patients who are prone to falling out of bed, increasing patient safety and reducing the costs of in-hospital injury.

The DEPRIMO FLOOR LEVEL BED helps reduce the need for constant supervision and increases patient safety by allowing nursing staff to leave patients at a safe height unsupervised, whilst maintaining patient dignity. Areas of use include: Stroke, Dementia, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s, the Elderly, Delirium, Trauma and Acquired brain injury to name a few.

This floor level bed has a height range of 12cm-82cm and is available with crash mats that are placed either side of the bed, enabling patients to simply slide on and off the bed minimising the risk of injury to the patient and carer.

The fully profiling mattress is electrically operated by using either the patient or carer's handset. The patient's handset includes a lock out feature so that it is not used inappropriately.

All of the DEPRIMO FLOOR LEVEL BEDS feature innovative safety rails (patent pending) which can be retracted and stowed under the mattress platform providing greater ease when transferring a patient and easier access for a nurse to treat a patient.

The floor level bed is compliant with the latest EN60601/2/52 medical standard, so NHS staff can be reassured that they are providing their patients and carers with the highest quality equipment.

Benmor Medical strive to deliver the highest levels of service to Hospitals and the Community throughout the UK.

For more information visit www.benmormedical.co.uk or contact Benmor Medical on 0333 800 9000.

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