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Wireless Temperature and Location Tracking System

Patient's temperatures and locations can now be measured and tracked automatically, wirelessly and continuously via a small disc-like sensor comfortably pasted on the body. Patients can enjoy uninterrupted rest, especially after surgery, since their temperatures are being measured comfortably. Nurses no longer need to go through the tedious, repetitive and manual process of taking patients' temperatures, charting the values on paper and keying them into the hospital information system (HIS).

Other vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration and pain data can be recorded directly into a wireless portable device (e.g. tablet PC) and wirelessly updated to the central Electronic Medical Record (EMR) server (via WiFi) after each measurement. All vital signs data will be automatically plotted onto a digital chart. With the easy access of these vital signs data from the central server, clinicians can now monitor patients' latest vital signs and history charts anytime, anywhere.

Concurrently, with the availability of real-time patients’ locations information, the system can be further enhanced to improve and optimize patient flow and bed management processes. Bed status can be automatically updated, patient admit/discharge/transfer (ADT) processes can be automated and operational triggers can be sent to various personnel such as housekeepers and the HIS without human intervention.

In conclusion, this system can enhance patient care and safety, reduce nurses’ workload, reduce unnecessary phone calls between departments, shorten bed turnover time and thereby increasing the revenue potential of the hospital.

Two worldwide patents have been filed.