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SensoScientific, Inc.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring with WI-FI Cloud

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Simi Valley, CA – US based and locally owned SensoScientific, Inc. is a proven industry leader in Environmental Monitoring solutions for the Healthcare Industry. We are proud to announce that the nation’s 3rd largest Hospital lab system, ACL Labs, which services both the Advocate and Aurora Healthcare Systems including over 30 acute care hospitals plus ambulatory and satellite locations throughout Wisconsin and Illinois has selected our most technologically advanced temperature monitoring option, the WI-FI Cloud Solution, for installation in their labs. ACL Laboratories holds themselves to the highest of standards only implementing “Best-in-class technology.”

For ACL Labs, the SensoScientific Wi-Fi cloud solution provides unsurpassed advancements in wireless environmental monitoring systems for applications where it may be mission critical to monitor and respond to instant environmental changes. The zero cost infrastructure models and patented technology eliminates the need for computer hardware, network servers, and software.
With the introduction of its new and most advanced Wi-Fi Transmitters, Premier facilities can leverage their existing Wi-Fi network. The battery-powered 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g radio transmitters allow for easy integration of the existing WIFI network.
• Sensor nodes send temperature data directly to the cloud hosted by Microsoft
• No other devices needed (routers, coordinators, repeaters, hosts, receivers)
• The sensors can use any WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption

Mike Zarei Vice president of Business Development, stated, "We are very pleased to be working with ACL Labs to provide each division with our state-of-the art, wireless temperature and environmental monitoring solutions. SensoScientific offers a unique and cost effective solution to help hospitals, remote clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, blood banks, nutrition services and vaccine centers to meet joint commission, AABB, CAPS and other regulatory health requirements."