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West European Style ENT Workstation

MEDSTAR is scheduled to display its second trial of the West European styled ENT Workstation, distinctively different from the Asian Style one, made on a basis of module as well as ear irrigation + automatic drainage system.

The reason why MEDSTAR will have finally unveiled it is to participate in the big tenders in the middle east Asian countries, in addition, launched it in the European countries.

It could be a new open gate of success story, MEDSTAR will create, compared to German made competitors.

In the meantime, we're also to display the wireless / wire endoscopic visual system with endoscopes, doctor wants to replace against the other comparative products to allow only otoscope, or sinuscope, which was world first made, in this type, while we're to apply for the patent right on this technology.

In addition, otovision, allowing the fixed otoscope, at 2.7mmx60mmx0deg, to diagnose the ear only at the very competitive price, will be also displayed.

This product will be very helpful for pediatrician all over the world.