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Welcome to Medico Electrodes International

Medico Electrodes International, under the brand name of Medico Leadlok, provides Disposable ECG Electrodes of the highest quality with the unique "Lead Locking Tab."

Our Technical Partner, Leadlok Inc., based in Idaho, USA has been in business since 1986 and ISO 9001 certified since 1997. With their market experience and technical expertise behind us, Medico Electrodes International was launched to manufacture disposable electrocardiographic electrodes (ECG Electrodes), a model designed primarily for Stress testing, Holter monitoring, telemetry and long-term applications in ICU/CCU.

Today Medico Leadlok has emerged as the leader in high-tech innovations as a manufacturer for a full range of ECG electrodes for Holter/stress, ICU-CCU, Cath lab, pediatric, anesthesia and emergency consisting of wet gel ECG electrodes & solid gel ECG electrodes.

The patented Leadlok design consists of a unique lead-locking tab that secures the lead wire and restricts movement against the electrode snap. This eliminates a major source of artifact and noise, producing one of the cleanest ECG tracings possible.

We proudly announce that we are a DNV approved ISO 9001 : 2000 company and our products carry the CE mark. The high quality of Medico Leadlok's ECG electrodes allows our customers' equipment to function at optimum levels. To assure this, Medico Leadlok has taken state-of-the-art electrode manufacturing facilities, imported from the USA, and added the finest material and highest quality control standards. This, combined with a patented electrode design, allows us to provide the best possible interface between patient and machine.
It is interesting to note that the entire raw material stock has been sourced from leading manufacturers from Europe, America and the Far East, enabling us to provide the same high quality electrodes to our customers which are available to all leading and quality conscious markets the world over.

It is Medico Leadlok's unique design, experience and marketing expertise that has allowed the company to compete successfully in this rapidly growing market. We hope you enjoy our product, too, and invite you to contact us if you have any questions.