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Welch Allyn introduces the first truly standardized blood pressure cuffs

Skaneateles Falls, N.Y., November 15, 2007 — Welch Allyn, a leading manufacturer of frontline medical products and solutions, today introduced FlexiPort blood pressure cuffs—the first cuffs designed to work with devices in any patient care area. FlexiPort cuffs connect to virtually any manual or electronic blood pressure device, so patients can be freely moved from room to room, floor to floor and department to department without forcing clinicians to find new cuffs for each different device.
“FlexiPort cuffs make finding, ordering, and using cuffs as simple as it should be,” said Sean Karla, product manager at Welch Allyn. “There is currently incredible variability with all the different tube, connector, and cuff styles out there, which causes a tremendous amount of caregiver confusion and leads to excess inventory. By providing a single common connection point between the device and cuff, FlexiPort cuffs can eliminate much of that variability.”
The FlexiPort connection is built into every new FlexiPort cuff. When a facility standardizes with FlexiPort cuffs, they attach FlexiPort fittings to every device tube they have in-house. The fittings can then snap directly into the FlexiPort connection to eliminate traditional tubes and connectors from their cuffs, while making every cuff work like a one- or a two-tube cuff.
Facility standardization with FlexiPort blood pressure cuffs can reduce the typical hospital’s cuff part numbers by up to 60 percent. The reduced part numbers mean a reduction in inventory levels—so blood pressure cuffs are easier to find for clinicians and easier to order for purchasing managers.
“Clinicians face enough challenges when they’re at work, so we designed a cuff option that actually makes caregivers’ lives easier,” said Karla. “FlexiPort removes one of the many problems caregivers face on a daily basis so they can focus on what matters most—their patients.”
FlexiPort also helps cut down the risk of spreading infectious diseases through cuffs by enabling a single cuff to be used on multiple devices. Assigning a FlexiPort cuff to a patient when s/he is admitted to the hospital allows the patient to move freely throughout the facility without having the cuff changed every time the patient is hooked up to a new device, which reduces waste as well as exposure to other hospital-borne illness.
“From purchasing to biomedical engineering to infection control, everyone in the hospital appreciates the part number reduction efficiencies and cost savings offered with FlexiPort cuffs,” said Karla. “But it’s the benefits for clinicians—creating one common connection point and eliminating complex tube and connector variations—that make the cuffs a true hit.”
The FlexiPort feature is available for both reusable and disposable cuffs and approved for sale throughout Europe and the Middle East

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