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WebOps announces integrated RFID solution

WebOps announces integrated RFID solution

WebOps RFID eliminates errors, reduces time and labor associated with managing implant kit check in and reconciliation process

ROSWELL, GA (August 19, 2015) — WebOps, the leading medical device logistics software and 3PL innovator, today announced the general availability of WebOps RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), a powerful new capability that is fully integrated into the WebOps Platform. Efficient utilization of medical device inventory often requires large amounts of inventory movement in the form of loaners to the Hospital. All of this inventory must be reconciled after every case by visual SKU checks or hand barcode scanning hundreds of items each time kits are returned to the warehouse. WebOps RFID performs this reconciliation in a fraction of the time, eliminating any potential errors. The solution can also increase the inventory utilization by virtually eliminating the large queue of inventory awaiting the check in process.

The WebOps RFID solution is comprised of three components:

RFID Manager Software Module – Activates unique RFID Tag, Initiates RFID Scans, Integrates the reconciliation process directly into the WebOps Platform.
RFID Table – Performs accurate scans of tagged items, kits and tubs.
RFID Tags – Readily available, economical tags affixed to medical device packaging.
WebOps RFID has already been deployed in some high volume warehouses and the benefits were immediate. “WebOps continues to be a strategic partner. This latest addition of the RFID capability is a game changer,” said Scott Vane, COO of GlobalMed Logistix. “After a busy day of surgeries we have thousands of items that require reconciliation. This was the bottleneck for us to get the kits checked in, replenished and readied for the next surgery request. WebOps RFID has taken our check in process from 20 minutes of manual bar code scanning and processing to 20 seconds. Our productivity and inventory turns are going up as a result.”

“Adding RFID capability to the WebOps Logistics platform is one of our latest updates and our customers are ecstatic about cutting their average inventory check in time to less than a minute. A single RFID read feeds the WebOps processes of kit receiving, check in, transfers and replenishments,” said Al Payne, CEO of WebOps. “Our customers were extremely pleased to learn that the RFID module seamlessly feeds the WebOps screens they have always been using resulting in very little training required to be up and running with this new functionality.“