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Weather Affects Multiple Sclerosis Activity

The research team led by Dominik Meier concludes from the results that this is especially important for drug testing. But why the warmer seasons have an impact on MS is yet unclear. According to the researchers spring and summer lead to more lesions in the brains of sufferers.

For the study, the researchers compared brain MRI images in 44 patients. The images had been taken between 1991 and 1993. Considered in the study were the daily temperature, solar radiation and the amount of rainfall. The subjects aged 25-52 years were all suffering from a previously untreated MS disease. At first they had weekly scans for eight weeks. Next came eight scans every two weeks and then every six months a follow-up. Per capita 22 scans were made.

The researchers were able to demonstrate that after one year 310 new lesions were found in the brains of 31 people. They most commonly occurred during the spring and summer months – the amount of damage was noticeably two to three times higher in the warmer months than in other months of the year.; Source: NEUROLOGY / Brigham and Women's Hospital