3D Histech KFT

We are the winner of the first scanner contest in quality at 0,23 resolution!

1st European Digital Slide Scanner Contest

3DHISTECH has participated at the 1st European Digital Slide Scanner Contest at the 94th Annual Conference of the German Pathology Society. This was the first event ever with the purpose of comparing the digital slide scanners from multiple vendors.

The participating vendors were (in alphabetical order) 3DHISTECH, Hamamatsu, Leica, Menarini, MetaSystems and Olympus. The vendors had to scan multiple sets of slides (Quality Scan, Mass Scan, Cytology Scan and Immun Scan) in multiple resolutions. The quality of the digital slides were assessed by more than 40 leading pathologists. The quality and performance parameters were resolution, scanning speed, image sharpness, colour, contrast and time to present the digital slide with a viewer.

3DHISTECH used the Pannoramic SCAN and the Pannoramic DESK at the contest. We have participated in the Quality Scan and the Mass Scan tests.

The first results were announced at the 10th European Congress on Telepathology and 4th International Congress on Virtual Microscopy in Vilnius, Lithuania.