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We Let Children Smile Again

2011 has been the most successful business year in DictaTeam´s history. We especially thank our clients, who remained loyal to the company during 2011, our colleagues, who are jointly responsible for DictaTeam´s success, the employees of our worldwide business partners, who have been another pillar for success by putting trust into the DictaTeam products, and the staff of our suppliers, who also added their part to DictaTeam´s development.

This year, the College of DictaTeam has unanimously agreed in abstained from giving Christmas presents. Instead, we would like to use the money for a purpose, which brings together DictaTeam´s main market (health care) and children.

1998 Charles B. Wang, co-founder of CA Computer Associates, laid the foundations for a new smile for children. He started supporting the American organization Smile Train massively. Smile Train corrects malformations, such as lip-jaw-palate cleft, also called harelip or cleft palate. Through Charles B. Wang employees from DictaTeam came into contact with Smile Train and support this organization since years.

With this Christmas campaign the team of DictaTeam would like to give children a new smile and will therefore make an adequate donation to the Smile Train organization, instead of giving Christmas presents. We know we can count on your support. Thank You!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely,
Beate Seidel & the DictaTeam