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WeWoThom GmbH

WeWoThom against Pain

WeWoThom uses the Hochton-Frequency
Therapie for patients with pain in the spine,
in the hip and in the muscles. This therapy is easy to use by everybody.
Never we see disadvantages from drug consume.

The effect is feeling by the patient
with a high effectivity of treatment very
soon. It is caused by 2 reasons, first by the
high numbers of action potentials in the
cell and second by the the electromagnetical
radiation without ionisation current in
the human tissue. The effective deepness
in the humane tissue is unlimited and we
have never fre-quency adaption by the cells,
what we found normally with conventionally
electro therapy. Thatswhy we have a
lot of advantages versus TENS. Millions of
people need this pain treatment. This is a big market.