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WeWoThom Premium – Living without pain

Better Live Quality
WeWoThom Premium is the usage form of the Hightone-Frequency-Treatment against pain. The used frequencies are the same as in the human body are working naturally. The WeWoThom Premium is recommended against pain in the back and in the joints, also against menstruation pain. Only in rare cases WeWoThom Premium is not recommended. WeWoThom Premium is very compact, small and light. It can be used comfortable during day and in the night. It is working under the cloth.

Without pharmaceutics and side effects
The bio-electrical and bio-chemical effects by WeWoThom Premium are without pharmaceutics. We have not seen any unwanted side effects after WeWoThom treatment. With the considering of the manual the usage of WeWoThom Premium is nearly unlimited.

Unlimited deepness
The unlimited deepness penetration brings the effects of these cells they are deep under the skin in the human tissue. The frequencies arrive also in the region deep under the skin in a big human body. With conventionally electric treatment or TENS we have only a flat penetration and the effects are only flat under the skin surface.

Treatment time is effect time
With WeWoThom Premium we have never seen cell adaption in the human body cells. The cell communication, cell coordination and cell cooperation are supported by the frequencies all of the treatment time. The treatment time with conventionally electric treatment is longer then the short time of effects (2 sec). WeWoThom brings the effects during the long treatment time (6 hours).

Self treatment without external help
In the medicine we know the advantages of self treatment. The people are doing some things without external help for themselves. They can repeat the treatments whenever they wish it. It can be done in a comfortable environment without changes of the daily actions. The usage can be done during the night sleep. The availability is present without waiting time.

Saves costs
Long time usage of WeWoThom brings smaller costs versus the costs of other treatments. The needed retries of the usages are important in this point of view. Additional costs are not needed. We have no costs caused by following diseases or unwanted side effects.

The whole family
WeWoThom Premium is universal. All members in the family can use it as self treatment against pain.