Propper Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Washer-Disinfector Monitor Strip

Often invisible to the naked eye, biological soil residues left behind by insuffcient cleaning can shield bacterial spores from sterilization processes, and become a breeding ground for pathogens. 

Cleaning throroughly to completely remove these residues is required before high-level disinfection or sterilization can begin. Verifying that adequate cleanding has taken place can be a daunting task, expecially with complex instruments, such as flexible endoscopes. 

As with sterilization, it's important to monnitor the performance of your washer-disinfector during each wash cycle. The WD-Chex Washer-Disinfector Monitor provides a challenge to your washer-disinfector without introducing any biological derivatives into your machine. The synthetic soil completely disappears from the strip after a successful cycle. 

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