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Wake up better with the Beurer "SleepLine" range

A restful night's sleep is just as important for your health as a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. And this includes a healthy, gentle wake-up process. After all, if you are awoken directly from the deep sleep phase, then you often feel worn out and start the day tired. At MEDICA 2016, Beurer will be showcasing its expert "SleepLine" range – innovative products that help users wake up better.

A better start to the day with the Beurer expert "SleepLine" range
The WL 75 wake-up light and TL 55 Day & Night brightlight ensure a gentle and pleasant wake-up process.

The WL 75 wake-up light wakes users from their sleep in a gentle and natural manner. The LED light gradually becomes brighter like a rising sun, helping the body to gently prepare itself for waking up. An alarm can also be set, which will go off after the simulated sunrise. Either the radio or one of six wake-up melodies can be used as the alarm. The light also boasts a snooze function. It is easy to use via the Beurer LightUp app.

As a brightlight with five dimmable brightness levels, the TL 55 Day & Night ensures an energised, active start to the day and aids gentle day-night regulation. Delivering a light intensity of approx. 10,000 lux, it simulates natural sunlight with no UV or flickering. The device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and operates on battery or mains power. Thanks to its compact form, the TL 55 is not only ideal for the bedside table – it can also be used when on the go for a boost of freshness.

The importance of sleep
We spend around a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is therefore extremely important because it allows all our body functions to recover. Sleep problems can, for example, lead to high blood pressure, diabetes or depression. The Beurer expert "SleepLine" range provides a complete portfolio for healthy sleep and active days.

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