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WEEE Directive- Compliance Schemes & Take-back Centers

The "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment" Directive promotes the recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and their components at end-of-life or when being replaced. Environmentally responsible practices are encouraged among all those who are involved in the life cycle of EEE.

Compliance Scheme

Compliance schemes maintain and assist with the WEEE process. The volume of EEE imported into the EU by the manufacturer will need to be documented and reported to a compliance scheme. A scheme company also assists in the actual "take-back" or recycling process for the EEE.

You will need:
• List of approved schemes in each country
• Recommended scheme, if any, in each country
• List of services offered by schemes
• Registration and contact information for schemes

Take-Back Center

Take-back centers are a key step to full WEEE compliance. They are always required, though a scheme company may also serve as a take-back center. This entity provides the actual collection, treatment and recycling for your EEE products.

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