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The WT | Wearable Technologies Show offers established companies as well as startups a unique platform to showcase their latest developments in the field of Wearable Technologies. The joint stand not only presents consumer products but products from the entire value chain of wearables.  

Alongside market ready products, prototypes and research projects will be exhibited to give an outlook on what will be possible in the future.

The exhibitors represented at the WT | Wearable Technologies stand reflect the current status of the wearable market and show which applications are available on the market today and which will become a part of our everyday life in the near future. For the Wearable Technologies market, two digit growth rates are projected.

Exhibits 2016

  • Analysis and early warning systems for patients with asthma and epilepsy that can predict seizures, remind to take medication or notify family members 
  • Complex monitoring of vital signs and analysis software that can evaluate the data collected and translate them into meaningful data
  • Products for sports medicine for example for movement or gait analysis or EMS
  • Smart thermometer patches for convenient and continuous monitoring of body temperature 
  • Devices to determine the ideal time for conception 
  • Wearable electronics that can switch off pain (for example menstrual cramps)
  • Wearables for pelvic floor training after pregnancy 
  • Flexible batteries that can be flexed twisted and even folded without compromising their performance. Or micro batteries that are excellently adapted for the use in medical applications
  • Sensors for movement and sleep analysis as well as OEMs
  • Monitoring for rehabilitation and telemonitoring
The editorial team of MEDICA-tradefair.com visited WT | Wearable Technologies Show at MEDICA 2015.

Impressions from WEARABLE TECHNOLGIES SHOW - photo gallery

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Photo: Visitor at MEDICA is wearing special glasses with a very large frame
These glasses can help emergency responders in their operations.
Photo: Mannequin is wearing a chest strap with attached sensors
Chest straps and devices like these make measurements directly at the body possible.
Photo: Fair visitor is looking at smart textiles at a mannequin
Watch closely: Some of the wearable devices' sensors are hidden very well on the body, like in the sports pants of this mannequin.
Photo: Fair visitor holds a small sensor in his hand
Sensors need to be small and handy so they can be worn unobtrusively and undisturbingly at the body.
Photo: Sensor worn at the upper arm, smartphone with body data at the display
Smartphones and other mobil devices are common interfaces for the use of wearable devices.



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