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Vitrex Surgical Sutures

surgical sutures chirurgigisches Nahtmaterial

Vitrex Medical proudly presents the new line of Sutures manufactured in Europe.

Our range is very flexible since you can choose almost any type of needle in combination with any type and length of suture.

Only the best raw material is used for the needles, top grade Japanese stainless steel, optimized for sharpness, durabillity and tensile strength - available in any shape and type.

Each individual production process is subject to strict scientific quality control. Continuous inspection of both mechanical and microbiological characteristics is given top priority.

Production takes place in accordance with GMP guidelines and a comprehensive quality management system in line with ISO 13485 has been implemented.

All products were awarded the CE mark in 1999.


Made in Europe

Packaging fixates needle and is easy to open

Pull-out force is controlled 100%

Top grade Japanese stainless steel

Flexible range