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Vitaphone and German Heart Centre

Telemedical Competence Centre for chronic cardiacs in Dubai

Mannheim/Dubai. Telemedicine "Made in Germany": Vitaphone Middle East and the German Heart Centre (GHC) in Dubai are jointly setting up a Telemedical Competence Centre for diagnostics, monitoring and management of the treatment of patients with heart diseases in the United Arab Emirates. According to MBA Matthias Quinger, Managing Partner of the leading globally-positioned Mannheim telemedicine provider Vitaphone: "Our constant commitment with our subsidiary in the Middle East – not quite a simple market – is bearing its first fruits with this project".
Today already, a heart disease is the cause of more than 40 per cent of all mortalities in the United Arab Emirates. At least 36 per cent of the population suffers high blood pressure, one of the principal causes of cardiovascular diseases, with an upwards trend! Dr. Ali Ahmad Bin Shakar, a leading employee of the Ministry of Health in the United Emirates, assumes that the mortalities due to myocardial infarctions and coronary heart disease in the Middle East will triple during the next twenty years.

Dr. Klaus Kallmayer, Director of the GHC: "Our Telemedical Service Center staffed by physicians around the clock, makes a significant contribution to improving the medical care, which is concentrated in a small number of locations in the United Arab Emirates and is consequently associated with long journeys for many patients. The patients are monitored in their home environment and transfer their biosignals, for example their blood pressure, weight, glycaemia or ECG to our Telemedical Service Center at regular intervals and as required. In case of symptoms or deviations from the normal values, we are therefore able to medically intervene directly and without any delay".

Kai Trompeter, Executive Director of Vitaphone Middle East, declares contentedly: "Both our devices for telecardiological functional diagnosis in case of symptomatic and asymptomatic cardiac arrhythmias and our solutions in the field of treatment and compliance management attract great interest among both physicians and patients and enjoy a high level of acceptance. "Made in Germany" quality is highly prized and makes a contribution to coping with the demographic challenge presented by the health system of the United Arab Emirates. The latter is confronted in the medium term with similar problems to those of the systems of the Western industrial nations".

Telemedicine opens up new possibilities for a precise diagnosis and therapeutic management. Furthermore, it encourages patient compliance, which is essential for therapeutic success. "Consequently – and owing to the constant telemedical care – the quality of life of the affected individuals increases. At the same time, the costs of treatment decrease", the Director of the German Heart Centre declares. "We are pleased to be able to develop a pioneering, long-term offer for medical care in the United Arab Emirates in conjunction with our German partner Vitaphone".