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Vitalog PSS

Vitalog Pss™ is an innovative Lifestyle and eHealth platform

Vitalog Pss HealthCoach™ and Vitalog Pss HealthCoachPro™ empowering healthy lifestyle and wellbeing through Mobile phones and Internet to be demonstrated on MEDICA 2008 Hall 17 / D58.

Vitalog Pss™ is an innovative Lifestyle and eHealth platform using state-of-the-art Mobile and Internet technologies that provide a personal health coach in order to help consumers or patients achieve “sustainable behavior changes” that lead to healthier lifestyle. Behavior change is considered by health professionals as the most effective way to prevent chronic diseases and maintain good health.

Vitalog Pss™ stands for “Proactive Support System” and it is based on a unique technology that provides behavior change services and solutions also known as “virtual health coach”.

Vitalog Pss HealthCoachPro™ is a PSS™ module delivering tools and services for the healthcare industry that allow for the first time widely accessible cost effective practice of structured behavior modification programs for primary and secondary prevention. These services can be offered stand alone or can serve as complementary services for conventional health care service or Tele-Health services. Vitalog Pss HealthCoachPro™ can communicate with medical devices using standard and proprietary communication protocols. Vitalog PSS™ is highly secure and cares for its users’ privacy. Vitalog Pss HealthCoachPro™ meets privacy standards like HIPPA. The system also complies with international EMR standards like HL7 and XDS-D

Vitalog Pss HealthCoach™, delivers similar functionalities but aimed at the non medical market for Consumers Healthy Lifestyle programs.

Medical research shows that the most efficacious way to promote healthy lifestyle is structured behavioral program. Treatment is built on the principles of self-monitoring, cognitive restructuring, stress management, social support, physical activity and relapse prevention while being supported by a behavioral counselor. However, this intensity of care is usually localized near research-base universities and hospitals and is cost-prohibitive owing to the level of professional support required, which prevents it from being provided to the masses.

Now with Vitalog™, real behavior modification programs for the masses have become a realistic possibility.

According to recent research, Internet and mobile phones hold promise as an avenue to disseminate state-of-the-art programs that promote healthy lifestyle strategies to larger populations. More than 300 million Europeans have Internet access and mobile phone penetration hits almost 100% in EU.

Behavior change is considered by many international and national health organizations (WHO, CDC) to be the most effective way to obtain sustainable, long lasting results for treating overweight and obesity and consequently avoid diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and in general to avoid chronic diseases and maintain good health.

Acting as a personal “health coach” Vitalog PSS™ objectives are to provide users with effective medical and non medical primary and secondary prevention programs in order to achieve “behavior change” and maintain “healthy lifestyle” for long term success.

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