Visitor statements from MEDICA 2015 -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Visitor statements from MEDICA 2015

Like every year the MEDICA trade fair 2015 is happy to inform a very high number of visitors from all over the world about news and innovations in all sectors of medical technology. In this image gallery we give you an insight and give word to the visitors.

Photo: Daniel Ashford; Copyright: beta-web/Otto
Daniel Ashford from Ipswich (UK) comes to the MEDICA trade fair for the second time. "I try to find customers from the UK and Ireland for logistic services", he explains. "MEDICA is interesting, informative and big!"
Photo: Julia Pudnika; Copyright: beta-web/Otto
"I am here to meet manufactures we already work with and also new ones." Julia Pudnika comes from Latvia. It is her first time at the MEDICA trade fair. "Very interesting was a special equipment for washing hands without touching anything." MEDICA in three words? "Feet kill me!"
Photo: Luisa Klötter; Copyright: beta-web/Otto
Luisa Klötter from Moers (Germany) meets different companies together with her boss and wants to inform herself about news. "We work for a hospital in the procurement sector and we are here for the second time. MEDICA is a really big trade fair and at the same time versatile and informative."
Photo: Mohamed Ekarim und Ashref Halawa; Copyright: beta-web/Otto
Mohamed Ekarim and Ashref Halawa from Egypt describe the MEDICA trade fair as organized, crowded and huge. "We are here because MEDICA is the biggest trade fair for medical technology. All the important companies are here and you do not loose time. We also visit the Arab Health but we like the MEDICA trade fair better."
Photo: Buhan Omar; Copyright: beta-web/Otto
Burhan Omar from Cologne wants to get information of innovations and new possibilities at the MEDICA. He is already the fourth time at the MEDICA and visits the Arab medicine trade fairs as well. "But the MEDICA is the meeting point for all medical workers" he says.
Photo: Judith Herschel; Copyright: beta-web/Otto
Judith Herschel has arrived from Leipzig and is a regular visitor of the MEDICA. Her business is the networking between laboratories and equipment in the medical field. "You can meet all people you want to talk to in a short time, especially managers and decision-makers. The MEDICA is important to visit" explains Mrs. Herschel.
Photo: Sanubia and Paher Shams; Copyright: beta-web/Otto
Sanubia and Pacher Shams from Dubai are customers from the healthcare industry and are working for a hospital. They are on the lookout for new technologies and equipment. "At MEDICA there's a lot to learn and a very high range of information. It's really eye-opening," explains Mrs. Shams.
Photo: Berthold Baur; Copyright: beta-web/Otto
Berthold Baur from Evinard in Switzerland is looking for new customers. "My focus is on big industrial manufactures and today I will meet some of them." Mr. Baur comes to MEDICA trade fair for the second time, because it simply is a very good trade fair.