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Villa Sistemi Medicali S.p.A.

Villa Sistemi Medicali Change of Control

The MBO has been made possible by the collection of the necessary equity from 14 Managers of the Company and from a group of Investors. The remaining financing has been provided by a loan from a primary Italian Bank.

The Managers, grouped in a Holding Company, will grant continuity of Villa Sistemi Medicali by retaining full control of operational activity, while the Investors, who have been long term partners of Villa with large experience in the business and in its technology core, will help the growth of the Company in the International Market through continuous innovation.

The main target of the operation is to consolidate Villa success story (more than 10 years of positive results, even across a very important worldwide crisis), a success achieved through a constant attention to Customer needs, efficiency, investments in innovation and development of New Products, side by side with our Customers and our Vendors.

It is our objective to continue along this path, even improving our flexibility by a shorter chain of command, the internalization of wider competence in our business field and a full commitment to the Company.