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Versatile application: an ideal health service


Intermittent Vacuumtherapy for Arm, Neck and Shoulder.

The Intermittent Vacuumtherapy – IVT – can easily and reasonably be applied. Depending on the degree of pain, 10 to 20 sessions à 30 minutes can yield enormous alleviation of pain.

For many companies, IVT is an ideal health service in the context of workplace health management and for prevention. Further fields of application are hospitals for general rehabilitation, clinics for physiotherapy, orthopedy, sports medicine and military. Since the RSI syndrome is a widespread disease, also clinics for internal medicine are qualified for offering this innovative low pressure treatment.

Presentation of the IVT for treating arm, neck and shoulder will take place at the MEDICA exhibition.

The place to go: Hall 4, E 39, Weyergans High Care AG.