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Versapak International Limited

Versapak awarded a Royal Warrant

Royal Crest

As of the 1st of January 2014, Versapak International Ltd., a company that provides a range of tamper evident solutions and security seals to a number of high-profile organisations across the globe, has been granted a Royal Warrant in acknowledgement of the high standard and quality of provisions supplied to the Royal Household since 2003.

For the last ten years, has supplied cash bags, mail pouches and security seals to Windsor Castle, St James’ Palace, Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen is the highest royal accolade available to companies and has been granted to Versapak in recognition of the success of the working relationship established with the Royal Household.

The practice of awarding recognition to suppliers of goods and services to the Sovereign has been in place since the Middle Ages, meaning that Versapak is now part of a long and distinguished tradition. Currently, out of the hundreds of thousands of companies in the UK, only around eight hundred have been granted Royal Warrant status, which makes Versapak a member of a very exclusive group.

Royal Warrants are only awarded to companies that provide goods or services to the Royal Household for a prolonged period of time and that meet strict quality standards, whilst at the same time providing impeccable levels of service.

The Royal Warrant has been granted to Versapak in acknowledgement of the excellent standards maintained by the company since the working relationship began. In appreciation of these services, for the next five years, Versapak is able to display the Royal Coat of Arms on its products, advertising, packaging and stationery, whilst also being permitted to use the legend ‘By Appointment’ in recognition of the facilities provided to the Royal Household.

Versapak was founded in 1973 as a family-owned business by Ian Anderson and was named for its first innovation; a unique tamper-evident mail pouch. For the past 41 years, Versapak has stuck to its core family orientated values of hard work and exceptional service, which is reflected in the recognition of the Royal Warrant. Ian remains as the Chairman of Versapak to this day.

Ian Anderson, Chairman of Versapak International Ltd., made the following comment:

“We’re absolutely delighted to have been granted the status of Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. The granting of the Royal Warrant just goes to highlight the quality of the products and service that we provide, not just to the Queen’s Household, but to all of our clients and customers.”

He continued:

“The status is an acknowledgement of our dependability and our consistently excellent service. We’ll be displaying the Royal Coat of Arms with great pride, taking satisfaction in the fact that we’re part of a select group of companies to have achieved this special honour. We hope to continue our working relationship with the Royal Household for many more years to come.”