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Ventilation Systems newly defined – Weinmann at DAC

The VENTIlogic (Photo: Weinmann)

HAMBURG. The medical technology company Weinmann will present its entire ventilation portfolio under the motto "Ventilation Systems newly defined" at this year's DAC (annual convention of the German Society of Anesthesiologists and Intensive Care Medicine).

The highlight of the presentation is a demonstration of a "Ventilation Workstation". It features one of the most innovative home ventilation devices (VENTIlogic) developed by the company interacting with a monitoring unit, transcutaneous blood gas monitoring, an optional blood gas analysis and a suction pump for secretion removal. The most important ventilation and blood gas parameters are shown in curves and trend diagrams on a monitor. All the components will be presented on a special trolley for the system's mobile temporary use, for example, during post-operative ventilation, in the intermediate care unit or in nursing homes or rehabilitation centers. "We would like to show users what a complete mobile system solution looks like and the benefits it offers," said Jörg Mielenz, product and ventilation specialist at Weinmann.

The innovative TA mode in VENTIlogic makes it possible for the first time to combine the high compliance of spontaneous ventilation modes with the high unloading (about 90%) of controlled ventilation modes.

When combined with the new oxygen valve VENTI-O2 plus, the VENTIlogic ventilation device can safely and reliably provide up to 15 liters of oxygen to the patient, for example, during the weaning phase. The optimized "new" VENTIlogic will be available as of the middle of May.