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Vein Illuminator Pro (vein finder)

Working Principle:

Basing on the principle that hemoglobin in the blood vessel has stronger absorption of near-infrared light than other tissues and through a series of digital image processing, Projection Vein Finder projects the outline of the vein to the skin surface, so that medical personnel can clearly observe the tiny blood vessels 8mm to 10mm under the skin.

Intruduce Products:

1. Adjustable Brightness: Through the operation panel, the brightness of projection images can be adjusted for different light sensitivities of personnel.

2. Adult& Child Mode: Projection image area is different according to different groups, It is user-friendly.

3. Portable and Easy to Adjust: B500 has a size of 227mm*65mm*63mm (length * width * height) and weight about 500g, It is portable in the pocket.

4.Clamp Support turns around in 360°, and adjusts up and down.

5. It has function of vein depth recognition.


suitable for the croud:

Infants Pediatric Patients

Obese Patients Edema Patients

Emergency Patients Patients with shock

Patients with weak perfusion in

Patients with vascular collapse

Patients with poor vascular elasticity

Patients with multiple chemotherapy

Patients with blood volume decreased dramatically

product function:

Reduce patient’s during treatments

Lower working intensity of nurses

Relieve psychological stress of nurses

Improve satisfaction degree for hospitals

Projection Mode :

Adult Mode (Full Screen Projection)

Child Mode (Small Screen Projection)