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VasoTrain: Portable Biofeedback Unit for Migraine Patient in Home Use

Non-Medication Based Pain Relief Therapy

VasoTrain for biofeedback patients to use at home.

Although migraine is incurable according to the current state of medical progress, biofeedback offers a meaningful treatment alternative which is recommended by the German Migraine and Headache Society in its evidence based guidelines.

Biofeedback means that certain (also sub-conscious) body functions can be represented either visually or acoustically and the patient thereby enabled to perceive and train these functions.

In addition to the relaxation procedures for the purpose of extending the intervals between attacks the mastering of vasoconstriction is decisive regarding the treatment of migraine. Patients who have acquired the ability to actively influence the process of vasoconstriction attain the same result as is effected by the use of medication by means of triptanen.

VasoTrain, the mobile trainer for the active treatment of migraine, has been designed for use in the home environment. The patient receives, via a sensor located on the arteria temporalis, direct feedback regarding the constriction level of the vessel. With the help of the therapist, the patient learns how this vessel can be consciously narrowed. The training continues until the patient has gained the necessary experience.

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