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Value Adding Accessories for Medical Applications with LINAK OpenBus

OpenBus value package

In addition, care can be organised more efficiently and maintenance can be optimised using OpenBus. LINAK has now bundled the enhancements in packages. LINAK offers OpenBus Safety, OpenBus Efficiency, OpenBus Comfort and OpenBus Maintenance.

OpenBus Safety

The “Safety package” is intended to ensure the safety of patients and caregivers. Amongst other things it also includes the features, “under bed light”. At night, it can be difficult for patients to orient themselves in the dark. The “under bed light” makes it easy for a patient to switch on the light below the bed. Where several patients occupy a room, the others are not disturbed when the light is switched on at night. In addition, accidents caused by falling can be prevented where patients have access to the “under bed light”.

OpenBus Efficiency

How can care be improved and organised more efficiently? The OpenBus system has the answer to this question. The “Efficiency package” provides functions such as, “out of bed detection” and “service call”. The “out of bed detection” can prevent fall accidents, the nursing staff can activate a system that increases patient safety and simultaneously saves time in hectic every day care. A sensor recognises, for example, whether a patient is trying to leave the bed. There is also the opportunity to inform the nursing staff via the network when a patient leaves the bed. Care becomes even more efficient with the “scale” enhancement - an integrated weighing unit in the bed that allows the patient to stay in the bed during weighing.

OpenBus Comfort

“Comfort”, is comprised of the OpenBus enhancements that increase comfort for patients and caregivers. For example, “nurse call” and “service call” optimise the classical nurse call. Previously, it was not possible to recognise from a nurse call whether a patient requires medical help or only wishes a glass of water. By connecting hospital beds via “nurse call” and “service call”, communication methods between patient and nursing staff can be optimised and thereby increase the comfort for the patient and the caregiver . OpenBus accessories can make a hospital stay more comfortable. Mobiles, MP3 players and digital cameras need electricity. Such appliances can be recharged using the USB-Power-Supply.

OpenBus Maintenance

Amongst other features, the Maintenance package also includes enhancements such as, “service indicator” and “service data tool”. This package is particularly geared towards the service employees. All beds must be checked regularly to ensure that all functions and safety characteristics are operating properly. For example, the “service indicator” system sends an automatic signal when service must be carried out on the bed. Using the “service data tool”, the service employee can read data, and use as a fault finding tool.

The four packages also include many other OpenBus enhancements. Many enhancements are included in several different packages. More information about the OpenBus system and the individual enhancements are available at

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