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Validated Scapa Soft-Pro® Polyurethane Gel – Redefining Skin Friendly

Scapa Group plc (LDN: SCPA.L) has released a validated Polyurethane Gel adhesive for use in the medical market.
Scapa Soft-Pro® Polyurethane Gel combines the ultimate in breathability, security and skin friendly comfort and is ideal for a variety of skin contact applications..It also provides a breathable and skin friendly adhesive when a secure fixation is required on active patients and for extended wear. Scapa Soft-Pro® Polyurethane Gel is ideal for use in applications such as Ostomy, Medical Device attachment and Wound Care Dressings

Secure, breathable & skin friendly adhesive

When combined with a high MVTR backing the breathable properties of Scapa Soft-Pro® Polyurethane Gel allow for excess moisture to pass away from the skin, reducing the risk of maceration and extending wear time.

Skin Friendly Redefined
• High MVTR
   o Reduce risk of maceration
   o Extends wear time
• Minimal trauma upon removal
• Minimal trauma during wear
• Waterproof
• Suitable for Gamma Sterilization

About Scapa Group plc
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