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Vaginosis/Vaginitis Self Test

Kit with reusable, autoclavable plastic applicator and single pouched disposable test strips

This test consists on the self measurement of the vaginal acidity with the use of safe, dedicated devices having a paper test. Once the test is in contact with the vaginal mucosa its color varies according to the acidity of the mucosa itself and can be easily checked .Alterations in the physiological level of pH are predictive of a vaginal bacterial infection and , if significantly elevated, of infectious vaginitis due to Tricomonas or other sexually transmitted pathogens.So it is a good practice for health women to regularly screen their intimate health with this simple test but it is strongly suggested during pregnancy to be ready to act at first signs of alteration.

The kit is usually offered in a plastic blister with one applicator and 7 tests but the packaging can be also customized according to the distributor needs. After inserting the strip into the applicator the woman holds the applicator and bring the indicator paper of the test strip into contact withthe vaginal entrance for a few seconds sothat the indicator paper is wetted with vaginal fluid.There is no need to introduce the applicator into the vagina.Once the pad on the strip reacted and changed color , the value is measured by comparing with the color chart given with the test.The measurement range is : pH 3.6 to pH 6.1