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Vaginal Cones, An Aid to Prevent Incontinence by GlysBy

An innovative medical aids for private self use to train at home the pelvic floor muscles preventing woman incontinence

Principle of the device and its utility for women
Bladder weakness affects women mainly during pregnancy, after childbirth and in the menopause. The cause is often weak or damaged pelvic floor muscles( incontinence due to exertion or stress) . Regular training with the Training Cones can improve or remedy atony of the bladder or prevent it prophylactically.
The Training Cones set comprises four equally large, tampon-shaped cones with different weights to be inserted into the vagina. A cone is prevented from slipping out through repeated muscle contractions ( “ biofeedback phenomenon”) which, in the course of the training, are carried out more and more consciously.
A few minutes training twice a day is sufficient.

Composition of the Pelvic-Floor Training Aids
This set of Pelvic-Floor Training Aids comprises four tampon-shaped cones that differ in colour and weight:

Colour Weight
yellow 20g
blue 34g
green 50g
purple 68g

Who can use it and which kind of market may exist for this medical device
A) The use of the Pelvic-Floor Training Aids is helpful :

· during pregnancy and subsequent to confinement in order to prevent weakness of the pelvic floor and to promote regeneration

· for the alleviation, remedy and prevention of atony of the bladder (caused by incontinence brought about by exertion or stress) among women (particularly during the change of life or menopause)

· for providing improvement in the event of a prolapse of the uterus (Descensus uteri) and other pelvic organs

B) The market is increasing as the product refers to different targets:

1) the pregnant woman
2) the woman in menopause
3) the third aged active woman.

The woman is now more conscious of her body and takes care to prevent damages due to the pregnancy or age. Urgency in urinating is a well known problem and recent lines of sanitary towels and targeted advertise sensitized woman to slight incontinence problems.

How do the Pelvic-Floor Training Aids work?
Exercising with Pelvic-Floor Training Aids helps us become aware of our pelvic floor and helps train the muscles of the pelvic floor. The cones work as follows:
If a cone is inserted into the vagina, it tends to slip out again. It is then prevented from slipping out by repeated muscular reflexes (“bio-feedback phenomenon”) and, throughout the course of exercising, by increasingly conscious muscular contractions. Drawing together and tensing the muscles of the pelvic floor trains and strengthens these muscles, similar to body building with weights. Exercising may thus at first give rise to sensations of pain in the pelvic area (muscular soreness). At the same time, however, awareness of the pelvic floor will be improved.

How to use the Pelvic-Floor Training Aids
The woman starts by testing the strength of her pelvic floor. This can be done by inserting the yellow (lightest) cone deep into the vagina (see illustration, comparable with inserting a tampon).
Should she be able to keep this cone in place for approx. 1 minute in a standing position, she may try the next heavier cone (green first, then blue and purple last). The cone that she can only just hold shows you how strong your pelvic floor is and she should start exercising with this cone.

The woman should exercise at least twice a day in a standing position or when walking. At the beginning she may only be able to hold the cone for a very brief period. The exercising time should be increased gradually until the cone with which you are exercising can be held for approx. 10 minutes per exercising session for several days in succession. Once this stage has been achieved, she may exercise with the next heavier cone.
It may be helpful to use lubricating gel when exercising with Pelvic-Floor Training Aids particularly in the event of vaginal dryness.

How does exercising success become apparent?
Upon regular exercise, the muscles of the pelvic floor will usually become considerably stronger after a mere few weeks. According to numerous clinical studies, atony of the bladder can thus be improved.
Furthermore, a strong pelvic floor can have a positive effect on the sensations of sexual desire.
After exercising with the Pelvic-Floor Training Aids for a few weeks, the woman will also have learned how to be aware of and exercise the muscles of her pelvic floor without using the pelvic-floor training aids.
Occasional exercising with the help of the Pelvic-Floor Training Aids is still recommended however.

What is particularly important?
During an unproblematic pregnancy the woman may exercise with the Pelvic-Floor Training Aids for as long as you feel comfortable. According to a Norwegian study, a well-trained pelvic floor shortens the expulsion period when giving birth.

Subsequent to giving birth the woman may recommence exercising after approx. 6 to 8 weeks and/or as soon as she finds it comfortable.

Atony of the bladder has many different causes. Exercising the pelvic floor with the Pelvic-Floor Training Aids is only suitable for treating atony of the bladder resulting from a weak pelvic floor (incontinence brought about by exertion or stress). Any other disorders causing atony of the bladder should thus be excluded by your physician beforehand.