Vaccines: activatable depot to replace multiple injections -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Vaccines: activatable depot to replace multiple injections

Interview with Dr. Adrian Sprenger, University of Freiburg

Besides antibiotics, vaccines may be the most important development in medicine: they protect us from diseases by "introducing" our immune system to pathogens. This way, a small injection saves us from severe and potentially mortal courses of disease.


Photo: Adrian Sprenger

Dr. Adrian Sprenger; © private

Photo: Woman with a pill between her teeth

The drug depot of the Freiburg researchers is activated by taking a pill; © Trautmann

Photo: People in the waiting room of a doctor's office

A lot of people miss consecutive appointments with their physician that are necessary for the success of vaccinations. But patients do not only risk their own health but also cause financial damage to public health systems; © Olsen

Foto: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann