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VVA: ARAB MEDICO informs about diabetes in its 3rd issue

ESSEN. On time with up-coming MEDICA, ARAB MEDICO’s editorial office offers periodical specials from the 3rd issue in 2006 on.

Diabetes is to be named as the main topic in 2006 – our wealth disease number one. In Arab countries, this is also the case today. 24 per cent of the entire Middle East’s population already suffer from this widespread disease. That is why people concerned are willing to invest in maintaining their quality of living. Top-class experts will report about states of research in editorial articles in ARAB MEDICO. Amongst those is MEDICA-president Prof. Dr. Werner A. Scherbaum, who will report about scientific innovations which serve as the basis of medical technology’s progress.

Moreover, current questions of the readers about the topic will be answered.

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