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VICORDER® - The Novel Vascular Testing Device

VICORDER® - The Novel Vascular Testing Device

Despite its weight of 600 g and the size of a palm VICORDER® represents a complete portable vascular testing lab. Connected by fast USB to (almost) any PC or notebook this instrument impresses by its efficiency and accuracy enabled by high resolution digital electronics and 22 bit conversion (versus conventional 12-14 bit). Containing digitally controlled pneumatics for inflating and bleeding of cuffs, sensors for pressure and photoplethysmography as well as Doppler ultrasonography Vicorder offers a full battery of central, peripheral and neuro-vascular testing modalities. With a notebook, VICORDER® and its accessories will fit into a standard briefcase. No mains outlet is needed as Vicorder draws power from the USB adaptor.

VICORDER® covers the complete array of vascular tests.
• Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
• Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)
• Photopulse Plethysmography (PPG) - Oscillometry
• Segmental pressures - finger and toe pressures
• CW Doppler with 5 and 8 MHz probes including spectral analysis
• Venous outflow
• Venous reflux
• central aortic pressure wave form analysis (PWA) including central pressure and augmentation index AIx determination
In particular the ABI, PWV, and PWA tests are spectacularly simple and fast. No comparison to other much more expensive or mono-parametric instruments.

As an example: PWV and AIx, early indicators of vascular stiffness and some of the most important parameters in assessing cardio-vascular risk, can be tested, entirely operator independent, in less than 5 min. The same applies to the ABI, the strongest functional indicator of peripheral arterial disease.

More comprehensive product information can be found on the VICORDER® homepage

VICORDER® will be exhibited at booth 9C39 in Hall 9 at SMT medical technology GmbH&Co. KG. All-day live demonstration will be provided.

Distributors from all countries are welcome.